I talk at events sometimes!

Satz mit X - Twitter schwindet, was als nächstes?

Presented on at TYPO3camp München 2023

A talk about how Twitter is dying and what alternatives exist, focussing on the fediverse.
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Un-Framework - Delivering Dynamic Experiences with HTML over the Wire

Presented on at TYPO3 Developer Days 2023

A talk giving an entry to the Hotwire suite of libraries, namely Turbo and Stimulus.
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CKEditor 5 - Plugins für die neue Version schreiben

Presented on at T3BOARD23

A session about writing plugins for CKEditor 5, used in TYPO3 v12.
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Vuex Basics

Presented on at TYPO3camp München 2021

A requested talk about the basics of the Vue state management library Vuex.
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