About Me

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I'm pixeldesu, otherwise also known as Andreas (or just Andy for short), welcome to my website! I'm a 20 year old Frontend Developer from Rosenheim, Germany currently attending an apprenticeship as IT Specialist/Application Development at in2code.


The main sources to contact me are over Twitter or Telegram, using these you might get an answer really quickly. Another way is using E-Mail, but for the sake of not handing it out directly, due to spam, just prepend my shortname to this website domain, including an @-sign, really easy!



Projects I made or participated in creating!

Heads up! There are more projects on my GitHub profile!


Working groups or development teams I'm part of!


What I spend my time with if I'm not coding!

Don't worry, I play a variety of stuff! The rest can be found on my Steam profile!


People that make the internet great again!

There are way too many, check out my Twitter followings for more!